Paper Claws

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Paper claws, a fun play-thing for family and friends. This claw is non-lethal and is a cool weapon to have around. When you get this claw you can customize it or you can show it off to your friends and say: "Look at this guys! I have a claw." You can have all the bragging rights you want. Also you can have different colors, and if you have enough, you can stack them into five claws instead of one claw. How cool is that.

These claws can be decorated by the wearer. There is no tape or glue, but you could add that if you want. If you would like to request a different color, please let me know. There will be an additional charge per order for any color other than white. I made “acid” claws out of chartreuse paper for my cousin, and they looked pretty cool.

$1 delivery within 20 miles.

If you want, send me an action shot with your claws, and I'll share it here!

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